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How to Expand Your Vocal Range, Hit Higher Notes and Finally Gain Vocal Control

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  • Have you been wanting to hit higher notes but don't know how?

    Have you tried YouTube vocal exercises only to get confused?

    Have you always wanted a vocal coach but can't afford lessons?

    Master Your Voice has 60+ proven singing techniques to help you expand your vocal range and hit higher notes without straining, all for a fraction of the cost of private lessons.

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    What Makes Master Your Voice Different?

    How Do You Want to Improve Your Voice?

    "I Increased My Vocal Range"

    -Mella's Story

    I do music full-time, so I have a lot of bad habits that are hard to correct. It’s muscle memory after years of doing the wrong thing, so I needed some intense work to get me back on track.

    Really, voice lessons never end for singers. We need to constantly practice and review what we’ve learned in order to keep our voices healthy and toned.

    The good news about Master Your Voice is that once you buy the class, it’s yours to keep forever so you can go back to it.

    If you don’t have access to in-person voice lessons (or you’re just an introvert hermit like me and hate leaving your house), online singing lessons might be for you!

    I love that the warmups go way beyond my range in both directions. Many other vocal warmups don’t go the full scale range and it’s frustrating. These will allow me to stretch my voice and grow.

    I also love that Matt is a great instructor. He’s easy to understand and the videos are great quality. Matt explains WHY you do each warmup, which I think is really helpful. Simply going through the motions is frustrating because I like to know the reason behind things.

    There are also karaoke songs you work on, which is super helpful to show you how your work will pay off in real life.

    After finishing the course, I can say I have definitely improved my voice. I hit a high A, which was never in my range before, so I’ve definitely increased my upper range. I’ve also noticed my lower notes are stronger and more easily accessible.

    I definitely feel stronger vocally overall and I don’t have nearly as much strain or soreness after long studio sessions!


    => Can't Say We Didn't Warn You...

    This course is very interactive. If you're hoping Master Your Voice will magically fix your voice without singing along with the exercises or practicing, this course isn't for you.

    Phase 1 | Warming Up

    In the first phase, I'll show you how to add an octave or more to your range within minutes. Included are videos demonstrating my 5 favorite singing warm ups as well as audio tracks for you to practice what you learned.

    Practical Takeaways: 5 amazing vocal warmups and audio tracks to practice along.

    Phase 2 | Breath Control

    In Phase 2, I'll show you how to master your breath and posture for singing. In each video lecture I'll show you exactly how to breathe correctly when you sing, no matter whether you're in the studio or on stage.

    Practical Takeaways: The correct posture and breath for singing as well as a ridiculously effective breathing warm up you can do every day.

    Phase 3 | Vocal Tone

    In Phase 3 it's time to improve your vocal tone. I'll show you how to improve your vocal tone and power immediately, as well as correct any pitch issues in your voice. If you've ever been worried about singing stronger, this section is for you!

    Practical Takeaways: 5 exercises for improving your vocal tone and singing power. PLUS Work with songs by Rihanna and Shawn Mendes to put these techniques into practice.

    "A Stronger Voice"

    -Kerry-Smith's Story

    I LOVE Singing! I do it in church every week, I used to do theater in school, then I did community theater. I know I have improved over the years because of confidence and occasional practice, but nothing like what I would like to be able to do.

    I can belt notes, and hold notes, and even tender up the notes, but I want to fill in the crackles that happen sometimes. So I was excited to try out Master Your Voice.

    I have checked out online tutors but it was another bill I just do not want to have to keep paying so a one time fee sounded great to me. I love that Master Your Voice is online, so you can do it in your jammies or in formal gear!

    Matt is so down to earth and approachable, but so knowledgeable. Plus there is availability to do online Skype classes if you need extra support. But I really love that you can use it over and over, forever. You can access it anywhere, on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or cell phone.

    When I first started the course, I was a little insecure at first, but then I realized, no one can see me or hear me so who cares how I sound?! Matt makes me feel like it is OK to be me, where I am at with no need to be at someone else’s standard.

    Every lesson I have done has made me feel stronger and empowered. The course seems to be designed to help anyone of any talent level from beginner to professional.

    When my husband was listening to me one evening, he stated “I think I might like to try out those lessons too!” We all can improve! I am even going to let my daughter try it when I am done!

    All the lessons progress the student through stages of basics to specifics and as I said before, they are designed to easily repeat any that are needed.

    In my time doing theater I had lots of opportunities to “Practice” singing, and exercise my voice. Lots of different techniques. Some of them I really enjoyed, but after participating in Matt’s class I realize there is so much more to it, and I have a lot more potential than I realized!

    Phase 4 | Vocal Agility

    In Phase 4, I'll show you my favorite exercises for hitting crazy high notes in your voice and increasing your vocal agility. If you've ever felt like you're just not meant to sing high notes, this module is just for you!

    Practical Takeaways: 4 amazing vocal warmups for unlocking the high notes in your voice. PLUS work with songs by James Arthur and Sarah McLachlan to put them into practice.

    Phase 5 | Hitting High Notes with Power

    Phase 5 is the one you've been waiting for! With the top of your voice free from any strain, I'll show you how to hit high notes with insane amounts of power. That means no more breaks or strain when you get to high notes.

    Practical Takeaways: 7 remarkable exercises to help you hit high notes with more power than you thought possible. PLUS work with songs by Jeff Buckley and Adele to master your high notes.

    Phase 6 | Belting

    In Phase 6, we cover one of the most important for every singer: Belting. Now that you're hitting high notes without straining, I'll show you 5 of the best exercises for belting high notes while learning to do it SAFELY.

    Practical Takeaways: 5 ridiculously effective exercises for belting your high notes without destroying your voice. Plus work with songs by Audioslave and Beyonce to belt just like the greats.

    "A Personal Vocal Coach"

    -Andre Calilhanna's Story

    I’ve been singing pretty much my whole life. In the early ’90s, I was fronting a hard rock band but for the past decade, I haven’t really done much performing, so when I recently started playing in a band and putting a new acoustic project together, I was concerned when what should have been pretty simple vocal parts were difficult to sing and my range and stamina seemed very limited.

    I figured some of it was due to age (I’m in my 50s now) and that I’d be discovering where my new limitations are, but I also recognized that some of it was just a matter of waking up my vocal cords and singing apparatus.

    I was curious how a pre-programmed set of video lessons from an instructor who couldn’t react to my voice-of-the-day would work. But Matt is a very personable instructor and even though this is a video class, it really did feel like it was a one-on-one session in many ways.

    Of course, there wasn’t personal feedback or an instructor who could head off a slide into poor technique or do an on-the-spot correction, but I was genuinely impressed by how personal this felt. I often found myself responding to Matt when he’d say, “Ready to try your scales?” Maybe that’s just me gone crazy.

    The course also followed a logical line from warm-ups to chest voice to upper register to vocal effects, and it was nice to build momentum and confidence along the way. The inclusion of popular songs was a nice touch, including links to karaoke versions, and that’s something I can see myself returning to later on.

    At various times throughout the program, Matt even includes variations on a scale or warm-up exercise that provides alternatives if there was something that was challenging or not quite resonating with the previous exercise. And even when the first idea worked fine, it was great to have other options to provide variety.

    I also love that there's a 30-minute session that incorporates everything covered in the course, so I’ll have an excellent vocal lesson to go back to as a daily exercise, as a recurring warm-up, or to get myself primed for a performance.

    This program was as close to a personal vocal coach as I could have expected, and with the potential to schedule a Skype lesson with Matt or contact him with questions will certainly help fill in some gaps or help you get answers to anything you might be struggling with.

    Wherever you are in your journey as a vocalist, if you’re considering online vocal lessons, I’d suggest Ramsey Voice Studio’s “Master Your Voice” program is an excellent way to learn the ropes, hone your chops, or get your voice in shape for the next chapter in your story as a singer and performer.

    Phase 7 | Singing Without Strain

    In Module 7, we'll start working with exercises to make sure that you're staying in vocal balance. Now that you're hitting crazy high notes in your voice, I'll show you the best ways keep all that beautiful power in your voice without hurting yourself.

    Practical Takeaways: 6 proven exercises designed to eliminate any strain in your voice. PLUS work with songs by Sam Smith and P!nk to hit higher notes without any strain.

    Phase 8 | Vocal Effects

    In Module 8, I'll show you the 3 best vocal effects to use in your songs and how to do them all correctly. We'll look at legato, vibrato and crescendoes and make sure that you're ready to hit the stage in style.

    Practical Takeaways: 10 incredible exercises to make every note you sing sound great! PLUS work with songs by John Legend and Rihanna to get your voice ready for the big leagues.

    Phase 9 | Complete Warm Up

    Only got 30 minutes to warm up before the gig? I've got you covered. Now that you've worked through the video section of the singing program it's time to start a daily practice routine. With audio tracks in both male and female keys, module 9 has two full 30 minute singing warm ups to put what you learned into practice.

    Practical Takeaways: Two 30-minute audio tracks in male and female keys you can use to warm up anywhere! Whether you're on your way to work or to a gig, the Complete Warm Up is what you need to sing better FAST!


    =>30 Days to Add 5 Notes to Your Range

    Master Your Voice will teach you all the tools you need to expand your vocal range. If you put in the work, we guarantee that you will expand your vocal range by 5 notes or more!

    Join the Neighborhood:

    As soon as you enroll, you’ll be invited to an exclusive singing community designed to keep you on track and improving your voice. Post your progress, meet new singing friends and find a vocal “workout buddy” in this accountability-minded singing group.

    Quotes on Accountability, Expertise and "Shyness"

    Lupita Mercado

    This course is broken down in a way that is so easy to learn and practice. If you're like me and you love to sing along to your favorite songs but hate singing in front of other people, this course is for you.

    Barbara Fava

    I travel constantly. So my only hope was an online vocal coach that could literally follow me wherever I am. So being able to study while being in my hotel room, or warm up backstage with my laptop or phone and headphones is totally amazing.

    Christina Widman

    The biggest problem with my voice was that it sounded breathy and weak. While I noticed that my voice was getting stronger, progress was unbearably slow. Luckily, Matt sent me a message and asked how things were going. That got me unstuck. Now that I've finished the course, I got my full range back and expanded it to hit higher notes than before.

    Track Your Singing Progress

    Let’s face it: it can be really difficult to measure your progress as a singer. That’s why I’ve developed the totally free Vocal Range Finder just for students of Master Your Voice. With the free app, you can find your range in only 6 seconds. Then measure your range as you improve your voice over time.

    Short on Time? Perfect!

    Every singer needs a great vocal warm up. So even if you don't have time to work through the video lectures, you can use the complete 30-Minute vocal warm up to get your voice ready for whatever you throw at it.

    Get Some Face Time!

    Great singing doesn't come out of a can. So whether you need help with a specific exercise or just want an expert to walk you through a song before a big performance, the premium packages of Master Your Voice include Skype or Live voice lessons with Matt.

    Motivation Can Strike Anywhere

    It doesn’t matter if you live in Texas or Tokyo, the voice lessons included in Master Your Voice are always available. Master Your Voice has also been developed to work across all devices including Desktop, Mobile and Tablet. So the singing lessons in the course are available whenever and wherever you are (as long as there's internet.)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long do I have access to the course?
    How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
    Will the course teach me to sing songs?
    Absolutely! Unlike most singing courses, Master Your Voice takes an in-depth look at 10 different chart-topping songs by artists like Sam Smith, Rihanna, Adele and John Legend.
    How long does it take to see results?
    The course has been designed so you can complete it in a month, but the vocal techniques we cover are designed to be practiced at least 3x per week for 30 minutes or more. Many of the best singers in the world work with these exercises daily, so there’s no limit to how much progress you can make!
    What if I am unhappy with the course?
    With any new skill, success depends on the quality of instruction and the student’s work ethic. I believe if you complete this course, you will add 5 or more notes to your range. If you finish the course and can't add 5 notes to your range, reach out to me within 30 days and I'll help you directly. Then if you're still not satisfied, I require that you ask for a refund.
    Will the course teach me to hit high notes?
    Absolutely! The biggest benefit I've had from taking singing lessons is the ability to hit high notes without falsetto. Within minutes of enrollment, I'll teach you the secrets to hitting high notes with power.
    Can I practice on the go?
    Of course! Every video and audio lecture is mobile friendly so you can always practice on the go. Only got 30 minutes to practice? I've got you covered. Skip right to Your Complete Vocal Warm Up at the end of the course and practice along with these hand-picked vocal exercises to get warmed up FAST!
    Are the classes live or pre-recorded?
    Master Your Voice has over 60 singing exercises that I've used with more than 500 students. Because the singing techniques are so universal, HD video lessons have been pre-recorded to allow students all over the world to enroll. Skype lessons are available for students who want more personal feedback.
    How much does the course cost?
    Pricing info for payment plans and one-time purchases are listed below.
    Why are you only letting 50 people in?
    In order to guarantee results for the students who enroll, we have capped the number of students at 50 each enrollment. This ensures that I can do everything in my power to support those students with questions and who need my help.

    Money an issue?

    For only $3.97/day you can improve your singing voice and have access forever. This is a fraction of the cost of lessons with a private vocal coach which can cost $10,000+ per year! You can't afford to cheat yourself out of the voice you want NOW!


    The 30-Day Challenge

    If you can commit to practicing just 30-minutes 3x a week to Master Your Voice, you can complete our 30-day challenge and add 5 notes to your voice. If you can't find the time, we strongly suggest you find other courses/YouTube coaches to blame for your lack of results.

    Your Instructor

    Matt Ramsey
    Matt Ramsey

    Hi, my name is Matt and I help singers master their voice through vocal lessons, online singing lessons and a free video blog.

    In 2012, I founded Austin's vocal studio, Ramsey Voice Studio, and I'm proud to say that it's become the highest rated vocal studio in Texas.

    In my years teaching over 500 students in every genre, I truly believe that world-class vocal technique can help anyone achieve their singing goals.

    30-Day "5 Note Guarantee"

    I’m so convinced that Master Your Voice will help you expand your vocal range, that if you complete the course and can't add 5 notes to your range, let me know within 30 days and I will help you directly. Then if you're still not satisfied, I require that you ask for your money back.

    Get started now!

    Still Not Convinced?

    I got this message from Joe Vivion a few weeks after enrolling in the course.